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From cruising yachts to superyachts, the Hall Oceanfurl furling boom is the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and safety. Sophisticated and functional, its sleek carbon-fiber body and seamless carbon furling mandrel ensure superior strength and optimum weight. The Oceanfurl carbon boom is custom built for your yacht, ensuring pleasing aesthetics and a perfect fit to the mast.

With its Seamless construction and unique gooseneck geometry, the Hall Oceanfurl furling boom excels in the rigorous world of superyacht racing, maximizing the comfort and enjoyment of your yacht while you cruise.

The system is very stiff and more than capable of handling the loads experienced when jibing in heavy air. And because its furling angle is wider and more forgiving than other systems, you can reef or furl the Hall Oceanfurl while sailing downwind, all from the safety of the cockpit.

Hall Seamless Construction: The furling mandrel is a Hall Seamless autoclave-cured carbon-fiber tube, and the boom shell is autoclave-cured pre-preg carbon fiber with a Nomex® core. This combination ensures the perfect combination of weight, stiffness, and strength to handle the loads experienced when jibing and reefing in heavy air.

Trouble-Free Operation: With its pivot point below the main luff, the Oceanfurl's furling angle is wider and more forgiving than other systems. This means the Oceanfurl can be reefed or furled when sailing downwind, improving your comfort if conditions change underway. Our inboard end attachment incorporates a double lug and Hall's signature gooseneck design. This configuration transmits the vertical load from the hydraulic vang into the mast, improving the strength and reliability of the overall system in every condition.

An internal or external preventer system suited to your yacht secures the boom downwind to prevent unintended jibing and quiets boom movement when reefing or furling in rough conditions. With all furling controls handled from the safety of the cockpit, the Oceanfurl boom is the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and safety.

Drive Options: For the Oceanfurl furling boom, you can choose hydraulic, manual, or (for smaller booms) electric drives. An aft compartment protects the drive motor, gives the boom its clean look, and allows easy access to the motor for routine maintenance. Every boom has an emergency drive to hoist or lower the sail if the main drive fails. The mandrel lock is in the outboard end of the boom, close to the leech of the sail. This location minimizes mandrel twist when sailing with a reef, ensuring a flat sail when it's needed most.

Unrivaled Attention to Detail: The secret to the Oceanfurl furling boom's sleek style is the clever, tapered design of the mast ramp. This carbon-fiber ramp feeds the sail smoothly from the mast onto the furling mandrel inside the boom. In addition, the furling mandrel is tapered at the inboard end, allowing a tight furl of the mainsail even with full battens. As a result, the boom shell presents the sleekest profile possible. Constructed of autoclave-cured carbon fiber, the mast ramp is lightweight and strong, with a low windage profile.

We place dimmable, recessed white or warm LED lights over consoles and guest seating areas. There's an integral boom cover, with the option for hidden awning tracks. Internal storage for extra battens or a dinghy lift pole is also available.



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