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Hall carbon racing booms, like our masts, maximize performance. We are continually refining our designs in our quest for the ultimate low-windage standard. Lightweight, strong, and reliable, a Hall boom is the perfect complement to the Hall Seamless carbon mast.

In designing your boom, our engineers create a highly refined laminate to meet and exceed your team's expected challenges. Finite Element Analysis reveals the loads on the boom under stress, and we confirm the findings with destructive testing. The result is an uncompromising design, ready to meet the challenges of offshore or inshore racing head-on.

Hall offers three racing booms:

Max-Depth Boom: This boom is favored by the highest-end racing programs. The boom’s height is uniform, but its width tapers at the gooseneck and the outhaul. (To see the taper, stand at the outboard end of the boom and look toward the mast.) Construction consists of a core under standard-mod or high-mod carbon. The taper saves weight at the ends, and the max depth provides unrated sail area.
Tapered Max-Depth Boom: The Hall Tapered Max-Depth Boom is ideal for aggressive racing programs seeking the ultimate lightweight solution. The boom is built from high modulus or super high modulus carbon with a honeycomb core. The extreme taper, or cut-out, at the outboard end minimizes the torque applied by the mainsheet. Windage-reduction details are paramount as well. Hardware elements, such as reef line cleats, are placed inside the boom.
Hall Racing Boom: The Hall racing boom is the all-around champion of competitive sailing. At a minimum size and weight, the boom structure is all carbon and super-strong. The Hall racing boom is available in any modulus of carbon and is suitable for any level of racing. As with all our booms, we customize the laminate to complement the rule under which you'll be racing.


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