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Hall Spars & Rigging's European factory is in Breskens, a port city on the southwest coast of Holland. Shareholders Jos Van Den Heuvel and Andre Vermeulen joined the Hall team in 2001. Construction began on this facility, the first Hall factory in Europe, later that year. Full production of carbon spars began in early 2002. The explosive growth of Hall Spars, particularly in the superyacht arena, led to a major European factory expansion in 2009. Hall's European factory is fully optimized to accommodate large projects comfortably and efficiently.

The factory consists of three buildings:

  • The newest measures 3400 M² and opened in 2009.
  • The original factory, built in 2001, measures 3000 M².
  • The third building measures 1200 M².

The 46-meter autoclave was built to Hall’s specifications, and it processes carbon under 6-bar pressure at a temperature of 121°C. All curing is monitored and controlled by computer. This autoclave was designed to create masts for the America's Cup and to manufacture most superyacht masts in one piece, in one cure cycle. This advantage sets Hall apart from other carbon spar manufacturers.

The carbon shop is 63 meters in length. To maximize working space, the autoclave extends only 4 meters into the carbon shop. The remaining 42 meters are sheltered by a metal building that provides additional storage space for mandrels and equipment.

The Hall team paints all masts in the 60-meter paint booth. In-house painting requires minimal movement of large masts and allows close monitoring of finish quality.


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