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In a high-stakes mast and rigging system, the key factors are windage and weight. Hall is the industry leader in optimizing both.

Because a Hall spar is homogenous, we can accurately predict (and create) optimum stiffness characteristics throughout the spar. For given stiffness requirements, a Hall rig will have smaller dimensions and thus lower frontal area/windage. Each mandrel is shape-optimized using advanced FEA and solid modeling tools. The laminate matches this shape exactly and the resulting tube is perfectly smooth and presents the optimum aerodynamic shape.

Our overall expertise with composite construction is unmatched and pays dividends in highly refined details and on-time project completion. Because of our many years of experience working with America’s Cup and offshore-race design teams, we guarantee that your project will move smoothly through the production cycle and will be built exactly as designed.

Our emphasis on windage reduction results in a fully optimized spar and rigging package.

Hall Spars continually achieves success in the racing arena with highly optimized, race-tested designs that combine the highest performance with maximum reliability.

The Hall Seamless tube is recognized universally as the cleanest, most aerodynamic available. Our focus on delivering more stiffness with less windage and weight gives you the advantage you need.

But we don't stop there. Every detail on a Hall mast is engineered meticulously to save weight and reduce windage. Our carbon gooseneck brackets are individually molded and hand-faired to dovetail into your mast shape. Hall Seamless spreaders are mandrel-molded in a single piece in the same manner as our masts, giving them an airfoil shape that's as aerodynamic as the mast. Internal tangs give the mast a clean profile.

At Hall, we understand the pressures of running a competitive team. We’ve structured our engineering, project management, and customer service teams to help you achieve your performance and scheduling goals. Combined with our Seamless manufacturing technique, Hall promises to deliver the highest performance spars and rigging on time and to support the product as soon as you start sailing.

Experienced Spar Design Team
The experienced sailors of Hall’s engineering team have a keen eye for design and an excellent relationship with the world’s leading yacht designers, sailmakers, and sailors. Our team creates race-winning mast/sail combinations and ensures that the mast is fine-tuned to fit the stiffness and bend characteristics you want. From IACC-winning spars to masts for record-setters, Hall has excelled in developing exciting new designs that comply with racing rules.

Hall Worldwide Service
Hall offers unequaled delivery and commissioning service. Our worldwide service network is always ready to support our product after the sale. If we are not already present at a regatta, a simple phone call can arrange a service response quickly.

Key Features

Ultra-High Modulus Carbon
If you’re serious about winning, this is the edge you’re looking for. For the lightest possible mast, Hall chooses ultra-high modulus carbon, which saves an incredible 26%-30% in weight over standard modulus carbon. This fiber is extremely stiff with tremendous strength. With the Seamless construction technique, Hall can offer ultra-high modulus carbon for mast tubes.

Ultra-Low Windage Details
Our latest innovations include the "no-crane" masthead, specifically for the square-top main favored under IRC. Split backstays terminate at the sides of the mast to avoid interference with the main, eliminating the need for a masthead crane for added windage. Hall Seamless spreaders are mandrel-molded in a single piece in the same manner as our masts. The airfoil shape is aerodynamic, and spreader tips are customized to suit your choice of standing rigging. Spreader bar systems are the most aerodynamic option, machined from a solid block of autoclave-cured carbon fiber.

Enhanced Tuning Ability
We offer a carbon-fiber mast chock that's stronger than Spartite®. This solid carbon block is machined to a custom fit in the partners. It's perfect for mounting turning blocks, eliminating the need for tie rods. Or we can add conduit to run halyards below deck. Our adjustable spreader systems fit perfectly to the mast, in a system that's both aerodynamic and lightweight. We also offer the ultimate adjustable mast step. Our carbon mast bricks weigh less than conventional aluminum bricks. Our hydraulic option is available with internal or external rams or with a custom plate with screw adjustment for fore-and-aft positioning, and it can be adjusted under full jack load.


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