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Hall superyacht carbon masts have no peer when it comes to combining high-performance, style and toughness. Our completely homogenous tubes deliver maximum structural reliability and save impressive amounts of weight. Especially in large yachts where stability is at a premium, the lighter the rig, the better the yacht performs.

The lighter Hall mast - with absolutely no compromise in reliability or safety - offers great design flexibility throughout the yacht. For instance, weight can come out of the keel while maintaining righting moment, allowing the boat to carry more systems. Or, with a lighter rig, the draft can be reduced without loss of stability or the hull can be a stiffer, faster design. Our promise of performance is not just in the manufacturing. We have a team of factory experts worldwide who travel to step the rig, perform a mid-season tune up, or make repairs should you need them. Our worldwide infrastructure means there is a Hall technician near you.

Not only is your mast an example of meticulous engineering and quality manufacturing, the details and finish make it beautiful. And while we work to save precious ounces we never compromise on safety. A Hall spar will get you safely home.

Hall Seamless spars are the ultimate performance enhancement for your superyacht. A Hall Seamless carbon spar is uniquely suited to the challenges of superyacht racing and cruising.

Hall styling is as personal and unique as the yacht. Refined details and state-of-the-art finishing result in a one-of-a-kind spar that complements your yacht's style while bringing out its absolute highest performance.

Safety First
The Grand Prix racing pedigree of Hall Spars demonstrates not only the performance enhancement a carbon spar brings to a boat but the impressive safety record as well. For each mast, we determine a factor of safety without adding "fat" to the rig. We optimize the engineering and leave nothing to chance. Carbon placement is customized for greater strength in high-load areas but with lighter weight aloft where stresses are less. The lighter Hall mast, with absolutely no compromise in safety or reliability, offers greater design flexibility throughout the yacht.

Experienced Spar Design Team
A Hall Seamless tube is the pinnacle of superyacht spar engineering. Hall’s engineering team is made up of experienced sailors with a keen eye for design. The relationship between the mast and hull is essential to the boat's overall performance, so the Hall team works closely with your yacht designer from the engineering phase through sea trials. The mast's weight, center of gravity and stiffness have direct relationships to the hull, and a coordinated design results in the best sailing characteristics. Your boat captain, project manager, and sailmaker also have critical input to the mast design. How and where the boat will be sailed, the type of sails and the yacht construction all play into the stiffness and systems on the mast.

Personal, Worldwide Service
Hall offers unequalled delivery and commissioning service. Our worldwide infrastructure means that a Hall employee is never far away - from Europe to the Pacific Rim, we are there when you need us.

Key Features

Ultra-High Modulus Carbon: For the lightest possible mast, Hall chooses ultra-high modulus carbon, which saves an incredible 26%-30% in weight over standard modulus carbon. This fiber is extremely strong. With the Seamless construction technique, Hall can offer ultra-high modulus carbon for mast tubes. The improvement in performance and overall yacht design is significant.

Extraordinary Finishes: At Hall, performance and good looks go hand-in-hand. People wanting the best-built and most stylish projects come to us for our unique combination of performance and panache. Whether the style requested is modern, classic, or traditional, we'll design the details to complement the overall styling of the yacht. From a faux-wood finish to a sleek metallic shine, we can custom-paint the spars to your specifications. No matter where you're going, a well-engineered, reliable, and good-looking Hall Seamless mast will get you there in style.

Elegant Electronics Solutions: Hall engineers create optimal spreader laminates to accommodate lights as well as antennae for all electronics, from navigation to communication. Brackets are placed for maximum efficiency and minimal interference. We make a special effort to mold connections and seats into the spreaders that blend with the styling of the yacht.


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