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SCR Round
SCR rod is solid, not bundled. Solid construction eliminates the air trapped between the small pultruded elements (such as C6) or yarns (PBO) and does not require a braided external sheath. SCR’s solid carbon construction, not bundled rods, makes it one of the smallest diameter carbon rods for equal stretch on the market. Solid rod also means no moisture issues. The small diameter of the solid rod means less rig drag, which translates into more speed and less heeling moment. On average, SCR has 15% less windage than either PBO or bundled carbon products.



SCR Airfoil
Hall SCR Airfoil drastically reduces drag by reducing frontal area to its absolute minimum. SCR Airfoil is a full 50% smaller in frontal area than C6. The aerodynamic advantage of SCR Airfoil is VPP-quantifiable in meters per hour. According to computer modeling, a 40-foot boat with SCR Airfoil on a 4nm windward leeward course will have a seven boat-length advantage at the finish line over an identical boat with round carbon shrouds.


Incredible Longevity: The life expectancy of SCR matches the life of a Hall carbon mast, which, when properly maintained, can last several decades. Because Hall SCR is solid carbon, it resists harm such as rope-rubbing chafe and impact damage. Only extreme cases of mishandling begin to affect SCR. Properly used and cared for, SCR will not require replacement for many years.

Service: The maintenance schedule of SCR calls for an annual visual inspection, with the first full inspection (with rigging removed from the mast) after five years. The full schedule extends out to 10 years. By this time, an owner will have replaced a full set of PBO (polybenzoxazole) rigging.

GL-Approved: SCR Round rod passed an exhaustive series of 16 tests to achieve type approval from Germanischer Lloyd. While there are strict confidentiality limits on releasing results of the GL testing, we can confirm that tensile, fatigue, impact, and chafe tests were all part of the process, and SCR solid rods passed without issue.

Award-Winning Design: The annual DAME Awards recognize new and innovative products in the marine market. Among 125 entries from 21 countries in the 2009 contest, SCR was the winner in the largest category – Deck Equipment, Sails, and Rigging. The DAME jury described SCR's end fittings as "superbly designed," and the press release stated "The jury liked the sleekness and simplicity of the design and the ease of installation."

Discontinuous Set-Up: Hall's SCR discontinuous rigging features our unique, easy-to-install Split Tip Cups that are custom machined for SCR stemball terminals. Adjustment of diagonal shrouds is effected at the spreader roots with SCR tapered turnbuckles.

Hall SCR uses only Titanium connections with the carbon rod. Titanium's inertness prevents dissimilar metal rusting that results, for instance, when carbon is mated with stainless steels. At half the weight of stainless, Hall's Titanium end fittings are the smallest and lightest end fittings available.

Continuous Set-up: Hall's SCR continuous rigging is made by fusing the vertical and diagonal shroud elements to form a single, homogeneous piece of rigging. We've completely eliminated the spreader hardware and stay terminals, reducing the windage and weight of the standing rigging package to its absolute minimum. The low-profile rigging shape as it passes through the spreader allows us to offer a minimum size, elegant spreader tip design.

Easily Retrofit to Existing Masts: You don't need a new mast to take advantage of the performance gains offered by Hall SCR Airfoil. With a straightforward re-work of your spreaders and replacing a few fittings, you can have SCR on your sailboat.


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