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Hall Autolocks take halyard-lock performance to a new level of simplicity. Gone are the days of guessing whether the lock is engaged. Hall AutoLocks engage automatically every time. Because they work without a trip line, they eliminate the clutter, mast-exit holes, and tangle of lines required by old-style halyard locks.

A Hall AutoLock engages when the halyard is hoisted against an up-stop (even under tension) and then eased. The lock disengages (unlocks), when the halyard is again hoisted against the up-stop and eased.

Compact and Versatile
Hall AutoLocks are designed with aerodynamics in mind. There are no trip lines to tangle on deck or in the mast, and all parts are self-contained and easily removable for routine maintenance. Most AutoLock models can be mounted inside the mast or boom. Hoisting and lowering sails is quick and easy, even during the excitement of picking up a mooring or navigating unexpected weather.

Hall AutoLocks have many uses. For example, use an AutoLock for removable inner forestay or with reefing lines inside the boom. Ask us to make recommendations based on your sailing style.

Reliable Reefing
Our mainsail lock is designed for ease of reefing. Brackets are mounted at fixed reefing positions in the mast and engage with the headboard car assembly as it passes when the sail is raised or lowered. Our lock is compatible with any track or headboard car. (You may also request reef locks with trip lines.)

Key Features

Carbon-Fiber Body: The AutoLock's carbon-fiber body is strong, light, and stylish. Even the internal locks have the carbon-fiber body.

AutoLock Brackets: Headsail locks attach to the mast or headstay using a bracket machined from hard-coat anodized aluminum.

Proximity Sensors: A wired sensor integrated in the AutoLocks also indicates when the lock bullet or slug is in the correct position for locking and unlocking, making an up-stop a secondary measure.


Halyard Bullet:

Headstay halyard locks have a heat-treated stainless steel halyard "bullet" that engages with the lock body. Splice it to your existing halyard, or ask us to supply a high-tech, lightweight replacement halyard.

Internal AutoLock
The Hall Internal AutoLock can be used for the Genoa, jib, masthead, MPs and mizzen staysail. Installed below the halyard sheave inside the mast. Retrofit is easy, as the lock can be mounted anywhere inside the mast. The Internal AutoLock can also be mounted inside a boom to handle reef lines, and a clever mounting system allows easy removal for servicing.

External AutoLock
Used for Genoa or jib halyards, the Hall External AutoLock articulates from a bracket attached to the headstay. The lock can be unpinned and removed for servicing.

Headsail halyards or external reef lines can be easily managed with the Hall BlockLock. This lock has an integral load-bearing halyard sheave, and is an ideal replacement for external spinnaker blocks at the masthead or if there's no sheave inside the mast. Also attaches to inner wall of the Hall V-Boom to handle reefing lines.

Main AutoLock
The new main halyard car AutoLock system has replaced the lockbox with "flippers" mounted inside the mast, and will prove a major decrease in mast design and manufacturing hours. Compatible with any track, lock-wedges are added at each reefing point and full hoist between the mast and the track.

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