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At Hall Spars & Rigging, we provide rigging choices to complement the design and style of your sailboat and to ensure its top performance for racing or cruising. Hall’s own Seamless Carbon Rigging (SCR) meets the same high standards of strength, durability, and longevity as our seamless carbon-fiber masts and booms. You can also choose from our popular custom standing rigging or running rigging packages. Whether your mast and boom are Hall’s products or not, we have high-quality rigging for your boat, and we will install, inspect, and maintain whatever rigging you choose.

Hall's fully equipped rigging operation has few peers worldwide. Hall stocks the latest in rope and hardware, ensuring that the best possible materials are used for each application. Our SCR carbon standing rigging is produced in-house, and we build rod and wire rigging on site. In addition, we work closely with providers of fiber standing rigging. No matter what type of rigging you chose, we can rig your mast so that you're ready to sail when the mast arrives at the boat.

Our riggers race with top programs using the products we sell. Whether you need complete rigging for a new mast or replacement rigging, our experts are available to advise you and provide an accurate quotation on all aspects of your project.

We have the top rope brands from around the world, in stock, ready to make into your sheets and halyards. We are a U.S. distributor for Gottifredi Maffioli, and we carry full lines from Samson, Yale Cordage, New England Ropes, and the Hampidjan Group.

Our riggers are expert at splicing, tapering, and every other technique that saves weight or makes your rigging easier to handle. We are ready to provide a quotation for your project.


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