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Hall Spars & Rigging has more than 30 years experience building the world’s most innovative high-performance spars and rigging. No one is better equipped to provide expert service.

Every technician is a factory-trained Hall employee. Technicians from our international service team will travel to your boat to complete most service jobs. Even if your spar is not a Hall spar, you can still get great Hall service. From annual inspections to on-site regatta repairs, we are here to provide the skilled service to help you maintain the best performance.

We can perform most service work on board your boat or at a marina. Here is a summary of our mobile services:

A Hall technician prepares the mast for stepping, and is present at the stepping to assist and ensure it is done to our satisfaction. Once the mast is in place, we connect all rigging and center the mast in the boat.

Mast Inspection
Always include a mast inspection in your preparation for an extended cruise. A Hall expert can locate and fix small problems before they become big ones.

  • If the mast is out of the boat, the technician looks for cracks in high-stress areas and wear spots from halyards. High stress areas are located around standing rigging attachments, sheave boxes, spreader bases and roots, and masthead. The inspection can include an ultrasound or a rigging dye test if needed.
  • If the mast is stepped, the technician goes up the mast and does a visual inspection. Inspecting a stepped mast cannot be as thorough as checking an unstepped mast, but it is still a good way to find and address potential problems.

Rigging Inspection
Begin (or end) your season with a thorough inspection of the rigging. We visually inspect all running and standing rigging.

If the mast is unstepped, we disassemble and clean many parts of the rig. We inspect all rigging termination points visually, and if we suspect problems, we may perform further testing (such as dye testing). We remove sheave pins and sheaves for inspection, we remove spreaders to inspect spreader bars and roots, and we inspect all gooseneck fittings. Electrical wiring is inspected for chafe. We also check all light fittings, blocks, cars, tracks, clutches, and any other hardware.

If the mast is stepped, a technician goes up the mast and visually inspects the standing rigging (not including the ends), running rigging, and hardware.

We can add a complete cleaning of all rigging ends, pins, and cars, and we recommended this especially if the mast is going into off-season storage. Performing the inspection and cleaning at the beginning of storage allows time for any needed repairs.

Rig Modification
Only a professional should make any change to a carbon spar. Call us if you decide to add a halyard, radar bracket, or any hardware to your mast.

Dock Tune/Sail Tune
This service is available for any mast – new or old.
At the dock, we ensure that the mast is tuned properly and (if applicable) that the jack pressure is up to specifications.

Under sail, we observe the tune of the rig under normal conditions and adjust accordingly.

Hardware Service/Installation
Our technicians are fully trained in furling system installation and repair, winch service, hardware installation, lifeline inspection and replacement, and boom vang service.

Services Offered at our Factories:
Our factories are equipped and staffed to perform the following repairs. Call us to arrange pickup and delivery of your spar.

  • Rig/rigging inspections
  • Rod heading
  • Rig modification
  • Dock tune / sail tune
  • Hardware service & installation
  • Hydraulic service
  • Ultrasound testing & thermal imaging
  • Carbon repair
  • Aluminum repair
  • Lightning strike surveys
  • Machine shop
  • Running rigging

Regatta Service
The Hall Service & Rigging trailer provides support throughout the year at regattas and local boatyards during the busy season.

Hall Service & Rigging personnel can be found at regattas both locally and internationally, and are well placed to provide immediate support when needed, no matter where you're sailing.


Hall's major service centers are located at the main facilities in Bristol, RI, Breskens, Holland and Auckland, New Zealand. We also have a number of strategically placed Hall authorized service shops to provide quick and efficient service worldwide.


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